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Steamed up Glass

Steamed up double-glazing is a common problem and naturally most often occurs after the guarantee has passed! The glass takes on a wet / misty appearance which make’s the view look terrible awful. Fortunately though, replacing a sealed unit isn’t that expensive or difficult.

The panes in a double glazed window are separated by a bar, which contains thousands of tiny silica balls, the same things you find in a new pair of shoes. It is these balls which should soak up any moisture that exists in the air gap between the two panes of glass in your window.

Once the silica has become saturated the moisture in the air gap will begin to mist, or fog up your double-glazing. This should not occur for at least 5 years from the date of installation and most companies do offer a 10-year guarantee. It is a good idea to check your receipts to see if you windows are less than the guaranteed period.

The break down of an old sealed unit is a natural process and if it is past the sell by date, it is nobody’s fault. If the unit breaks down prior to the guarantee expiring then the replacement glass for windows should be provided by the supplier.

Replacing Your Steamed Up Double Glazing
Our business specialises in replacing steamed up, broken or faulty double glazing. Because we only replace the glass and not the frames we have the potential to save you hundreds of pounds. No matter whatever type of window you have, the chances are we will be able to replace the panes and we can come to your property and give you a free, no obligation quote and do whatever we can to help you to avoid the cost of new windows.

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