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Energy Saving Glass

What is Energy Saving Glass?

Windows are often the greatest energy wasters of any house accounting for roughly 25% of heat loss over the course of a year and in these days of spiraling energy bills this can add up to a lot of wasted money. Choosing the right combination of window components can make a drastic improvement to a home’s energy efficiency and can contribute to significant energy cost savings year on year.

When it comes to windows, the main focus tends to be on the frame style and security features, with the assumption that all double glazing is equally energy efficient. As it happens, there are huge differences in performance and, perhaps surprisingly, it is actually the glass itself that is the most important element in optimising the energy efficiency of windows.

Thermal Insulation

The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature
The improved thermal insulation reduces energy consumption and cuts energy bills

Less of a tint to the glass – this gives clearer vision through windows and means curtains or Georgian Bars do not look dirty or discoloured.

More light – less tint also means more light can enter the room, making a more comfortable environment and reducing the need for extra lighting inside.

Our energy saving glass also boasts a foam-based spacer bar which has the following advantages:


  • Heat loss is reduced by up to 94% which in turn reduces heating bills
  • Less energy emissions are released into the environment
  • Reduces noise transmission by up to 2dB
  • Condensation is reduced by up to 70%

Traditional energy saving glass has been around for a number of years, but recent innovations mean that the best performing products can not only reduce heat loss but can actually offer net energy gains, increasing a home’s energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. All of this contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and enables us all to do our bit to help the environment.

The coated glass is later cut to size and incorporated into an insulating glass unit, usually forming the inner pane of the IGU which in turn is glazed into the window frame. Once installed, the high performance coating within the IGU reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time this coating allows free energy and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room. The combined effect contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of the windows, meaning that it takes less energy to maintain a warm, comfortable home.

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